Weekly Links (4/16/2010)

by Stephen Rodgers

Well hello again! This week proved to be relatively light on links, which turned out to be a bit of blessing considering how busy it was personally. I think part of that was due to a lot of bloggers and writers being at T4G, and the fact that I’m still ever-so-slightly behind on my reading. And so, without further ado, this weeks links are…

  • Kevin DeYoung has a FANTASTIC series on dealing with disappointment in the church. Whether you’re a pastor, elder, member, or visitor, this is the must-read link of the week. Be sure to check out part one, two, and three. (WEB)
  • The folks over at Desiring God have launched a Chinese language website. My first inclination was to shrug and move on, but then it occurred to me that I have a LOT of brothers and sisters who know people who speak Chinese! So this is probably relevant to your interests. (WEB)
  • Piper continues to be a bit of a hot topic even as things are winding down. Voddie Baucham has a list of things to learn from his leave of absence, and Phil Johnson weighs in on the invitation to Rick Warren. Both are worth careful reading and reflection. (WEB)
  • I thought this was very interesting. An editorial examining the life and behavior of Pontius Pilate. (WEB)
  • And for your missions-related link of the week, I present to you: the Difficult Death of Adoniram Judson. Are you praying for our church family in Tucuman and Ostrava? Now would be a good time to start. (WEB)
  • Tim Challies is trying to take over the world. This week he’s announced that he’s starting a friends of the blog program, entering into the world of e-publishing, and starting a podcast series. If you read a lot of Challies, then at least one of these announcements is probably interesting for you. (WEB and MP3)
  • Thom Rainer had an interesting article on the Seven Characteristics of Highly Evangelistic Christians. Title similarities notwithstanding, I liked it better than Covey’s book. (WEB)
  • And here’s a question for you…what happens when you mix up sermon excerpts and hip-hop music? This happens. And considering how inexpensive they are (free!) they should take over your MP3 player. (MP3)

See you Sunday!

Pro Rege