Weekly Links (5/21/2010)

by Stephen Rodgers

Hey everyone! I hope that you’re having a good week, and I hope you’ll enjoy the following articles and resources as we head into the weekend.

  • In case you really enjoyed the Michael Horton interviews we’ve been posting, and you’re jonesing for something more, we’ve got a couple of treats for you today. First up is an article by him entitled Renewing the Great Commission that I think will be a benefit to all of us, considering our own MVP. And if you’re the type of person (like I am) who likes to print out the long versions of articles, including footnotes, there’s a PDF just for you. (WEB and PDF)
  • Speaking of the great commission, here’s some food for thought. Erik over at Irish Calvinist write about Why He Can Relate to Lazy International Ministries (and hates it). Convicted much? I know I was. (WEB)
  • On the other hand, if you just want to know what Michael Horton’s Bible-time looks like, I have an article for you as well. (WEB)
  • Moving on from Michael Horton, Justin Taylor has an article up discussing Alcohol, Liberty, and Legalism. I know that the topic has been discussed around the church before, and that article has some good points for your consideration. (WEB)
  • Speaking of consideration, Ed Welch has an article over at the CCEF website on how counseling is practical theology, and counselors are practical theologians. This is another article that is relevant to all of our lives, so I’d suggest reading it carefully. (WEB)
  • Hopefully, all of you know who John MacArthur and RC Sproul are. You might have some of their books, or even grew up in a church they preached at. Well, despite being great friends, they have different views on baptism. RC Sproul holds to the view of infant baptism; John MacArthur holds to the view of believer’s baptism. This discussion/debate is actually from the 1998 Ligonier National Conference, but is available for free now. (AUDIO)
  • I guess that this is just the week for really good PDF files. Tim Keller wrote an article on The Centrality of the Gospel in which he compares and contrasts the gospel with moralism/religion and relativism/irreligion. This is another great article, so I’ll let you get to it. (PDF)
  • In his contribution to this month’s Tabletalk, Kevin DeYoung wrote an article making a case for what he calls The Glory of Plodding. In it, he addresses the perception that many have that the church has become merely routine and we’re called to something more. His reaction may surprise you. (WEB)
  • Speaking of good PDFs, a couple of weeks ago we did an article on Christian Journals. I knew that I hadn’t recommended all of them, but I shamefully forgot a very important one: The Westminster Theological Journal. This is a publication of WTS, and you can always find their latest issue online along with an archive of sample articles. They only make 2 articles from each issues freely available, but those are almost always great reads (for example, Letham’s article: Catholicity Global and Historical: Constantinople, Westminster, and the Church in the Twenty-First Century). (WEB and PDF)

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