Weekly Links (9/30/2011)

When those who claim to be God’s people turn aside from the Word of God and from the Christ of history, this is more heinous in the sight of God than the worst case of infidelity in marriage, for it destroys the reality, the great central bridegroom-bride relationship. I have taken care to emphasize that God does not minimize promiscuity in sexual relationships, but apostasy – spiritual adultery – is worse. And the modern liberal theologian is in that place. How do we look at it? I would suggest we must be careful to look at it no less clearly than God does. Consider the liberal theology of our day. It denies the personal God who is there. It denies the divine historic Christ. It denies the Bible as God’s verbalized Word. It denies God’s way of salvation. The liberals elevate their own humanistic theories to a position above the Word of God, the revealed communication of God to men. They make gods which are no gods, but are merely the projection of their own minds. (Francis Schaeffer, The Church Before the Watching World)

by Stephen Rodgers

Apologies if my indroductions to these articles are a bit briefer than usual.  Don’t let that dissuade you from checking them out though!

Enjoy, and don’t forget that it’s Flocks week!

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