Weekly Links (2/8/2013)

Because we see the law and love of God fulfilled, we become both humble and bold because we know we are his by grace. This is unique. Without the gospel, humility and boldness can only increase at each other’s expense. (Tim Keller)

by Richard Shin

  • Trailing on the heels of the Super Bowl, Jay Beerley explains that we have only one Messiah, and the burden he came to bear does not need any “platform” for introduction or endorsement.
  • Recently, the Obama administration introduced some changes to the HHS mandate that seems to have alleviated some groaning. However, despite the fluffy language, the heart of the matter has not changed. Joe Carter explains what happened very clearly for your benefit and awareness.
  • Erik Raymond is doing a series on the Gospel-Centered Church. He began it by answering “What Does a Gospel-Centered Church Look and Feel Like?” and then writing on the place of Christian liberty in the Gospel-Centered Church. He still has four more articles to go in the series, so keep your eyes peeled for more.
  • Mike Riccardi shares a primer on Christian apologetics, bringing us back to the Bible for the foundations and applications of defending our faith. Then he introduced presuppositional apologetics here, and evaluated the validity of the method here. I don’t know when he’ll stop, so you better buckle yourselves.
  • Not too long ago, a number of us here on the Beacon encouraged our readers to read your Bible. And undoubtedly, many of you made your commitments. So here we ask, how’s your Bible reading going?
  • Jeremy Walker explains the damning slippery slope that comes from losing the historicity of a literal Adam. 
  • “I can’t give up; it’s not because they need me—at least not in the sense that I am a pastor and have all the answers. The need is much more mutual. We need each other.” I appreciate what Dave Dunham has to say on the value of being tired.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.

Coram Deo