Weekly Links (3/17/2017)

“Every true man is resentful of slanders against a human friend. Should we not be grieved ten times more by slanders against our God? How can we possibly listen with polite complacency, then, when men break down the distinction between God and man, and drag God down to man’s level? How can we possibly say, as in one way or another is so often said, that orthodoxy makes little difference. We should never talk in any such way about a human friend. We should never say with regard to a human friend that it makes no difference whether our view of him is right or wrong. How, then, can we say that absurd thing with regard to God?” (J. Gresham Machen, The Person of Jesus: Radio Addresses on the Deity of the Savior)

by Cesar Vigil-Ruiz

Feliz Friday! I hope this week has been full of opportunities of glorifying our God and loving one another! I also hope these links will continue to further those goals for you all! So here we go!

  • Pastor Dan Phillips (of PyroManiacs fame) has been writing on the PJ Media platform as of late, and has written a stellar article on how Christians try to be nice to the point of wanting the world to like them. He thoroughly exposes the foolishness of such an idea. I’d say this was the article of the week.
  • Well, today is St. Patrick’s Day, and you may have never looked into the life of Patrick. Stephen Nichols will be a source of help in that, while church historian Michael Haykin writes of 10 things you should know about this man of God. Seems like someone who practiced the MVP.
  • Colin Marshall and Tony Payne, co-authors of The Trellis and the Vine, have a follow-up book called The Vine Project: Shaping Your Ministry Culture around Disciple-Making. Justin Taylor posted their summary answers to the five convictions they maintain and expand upon in the book. This is a great picture of faithful ministry that every Christian should get behind!
  • The Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam, a center of study in Southern Seminary, recently sponsored a mission trip to Dearborn, Michigan, home of the largest concentration of Arab-Americans in the US. They report on the efforts of students from both the seminary and Boyce College to go and get the gospel to Muslims. May this news give you more boldness to share Christ with those around you.
  • Dan DeWitt sought to answer the question, ‘Can Christian students thrive at Harvard, Yale and Oxford?‘ by inviting Christian professors who have studied at those universities at a recent conference to give their experiences and insights to have flourishing faith in those secular settings.
  • What would be some strategies for building a case for inerrancy? Steve Hays gives some pointers.
  • Ligonier Ministries recently had their National Conference entitled, ‘The Next 500 Years,’ in light of the upcoming celebration of the Protestant Reformation. All the sessions have been posted online, so take advantage of what’s available there!
  • CBMW just posted their new issue of the Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, which looks to be a great resource of articles and book reviews. Happy reading!
  • Rod Dreher’s new book, The Benedict Option, has become a very popular topic amongst conservatives, yet some may not know what the hubbub is about. One post I found helpful is from Wyatt Graham’s brief explanation of Dreher’s thesis. This looks to be part one of two, so be on the lookout for his next post regarding the success of this book.
  • CCEF’s On the Go podcast this week focuses on an interview with CCEF faculty Julie Lowe on attachment theory. This will always be a great resource to get a biblical perspective on psychological concepts, so don’t miss out on this one!

That’s all for this week! Please be in prayer for the youth and collegians, who will be meeting tonight at church. See you all on Sunday!

Soli Deo Gloria