Weekly Links (9/4/2017)

by Stephen Rodgers

You all know the drill by now: new month, free stuff. Here we go:

  • Between Heaven & the Real World by Steven Curtis Chapman (free audiobook) – This appears to be the auto-ish-biography of a popular Christian singer. Some people might enjoy that, and if you’re one of them, it’s free this month.
  • NIV Application Commentary: Mark by David E. Garland (free Logos book) – There’s a free commentary this month if you happen to be a Logos user.
  • Soul Winning (free Tabletalk magazine) – Ok, so Tabletalk has gotten a bit more complicated. Apparently now it has its own website that you can peruse, which probably means that all the links we’ve gathered here for years are now going to break (they have a new archive link as well). Tabletalk is actually good enough that it’s worth fixing them instead of just deleting those posts though.
  • Themelios 42.2 (free journal) – Technically this came out last month, but I don’t remember if we sounded the trumpets or not. In any event, there’s a new edition of TCG’s journal available.