LBC Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry at LBC is no different from any other ministry at church it its purposes and goals. We exist to fulfill the church’s Mission, Vision, and Passion (MVP) to children of elementary school age and younger. Functionally, we partner with the parents at LBC to teach Biblically-sound curricula Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, which also allows the parents to worship God freely without worrying about their children. As a ministry, our hearts seek to echo Asaph’s words in Psalm 78, to pass on the glory and greatness of the Lord to the next generation, that “they should set their hope in God.” (Psalm 78:7a)

Our Sunday School programs consists of Sonlight (for our elementary-age children), Sparklers (preschool-age children), and Fireflies (nursery); our Wednesday evening program is called Lighthouse Kids Club (LKC). Pastor Patrick Cho is the elder overseeing all the children’s programs at LBC.

LBC Nursery Ministry, aka Fireflies, serves the youngest members of our church, ages 0-3 yrs. We are divided into 2 areas: Nursery 1 (from birth to about 16 months old), and Nursery 2 (from about 16 months old to 3 years old). We not only have play time, snack time, and potty time, but we also have Bible lesson time for Nursery 2 children where they learn different attributes of God. For instance, during the month one month, they learn about God’s sovereignty through the story of Jesus calming the wind and the sea and how He is the boss of everything (Matt. 8:23-27). They are taught the same lesson for the whole month along with a memory verse. For example, one memory verse is Ephesians 6:1, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.”
Our staff of about 30 ladies of all ages (college & up) absolutely loves the children that the parents entrust to us while they worship. Each staff member serves about once every 3 weeks. In addition to Sunday mornings, we also serve on occasions such as Christmas Concert, LBC Annual Banquet, and other events as needs arise. We are blessed to be part of this ministry not only because we participate in the lives of these children, who grow up ever so quickly, but also because we are involved in the lives of fellow sisters who serve here. We encourage the ladies to consider the times of serving as an act of worship. We try to hold each other accountable in our spiritual walk and be intentional even in our conversations while we serve. Because we have a number of moms serving as staff members, younger ladies are finding this ministry to be such a valuable opportunity to be learning from the older women in dealing with children (as in Titus 2).
The director of Fireflies is Carol Lim along with Mabel Tse (scheduling coordinator) and Brenda Hom (curriculum coordinator).

Sparklers is the pre-school ministry at LBC. We preach the gospel to kids between the ages of 3-5 years (from when they are potty trained until kindergarten). After the singing with the adults in “Big Church” the sparklers are dismissed. Each Sunday we learn or review a memory verse with motions to go along with it, trying to teach the kids not only the words of God’s Word but the meaning too. We have a lesson from the Bible that focuses on God. Then we have snack time where the kids eat and chat.
On the Sundays where we have two services the second hour is devoted to coloring a picture related to the message and we try to get the kids to focus on ways they can apply what they learned from the Bible. Of course since the kids in our ministry probably do not have a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ, this is the primary point of application.
When the parents come to pick the kids up we hand the a “Parent Resource Sheet” with information about what was taught and the memory verse so parents can reinforce the lessons at home.
If you are a parent with more questions or you want to join sparklers staff speak with the coordinator Kyle Grindley.

Sonlight serves the elementary school aged children of Lighthouse Bible Church as a ministry that appropriates the MVP of LBC to these young souls. The goal of the Sonlight ministry is to come alongside the parent(s) in order to impress the truthfulness of the Bible (in general) and the gospel (specifically) through teaching and modeling within the context of Sunday School. Starting in Fall 2010, we will have a first hour (during the general service message) and a second hour (during the normal Sunday School 2nd hour), which is a welcomed change. First hour will consist of singing and teaching. Second hour will include snacks and small groups. Small groups in Sonlight are designed to further develop the lesson that was taught through discussions, memory verses, and activities. Ryan McAdams is the Sonlight coordinator.

Lighthouse Kids’ Club (LKC) is a midweek ministry of Lighthouse Bible Church (LBC) that serves preschool and elementary school aged children of families both within and outside of LBC. The goal of LKC is to provide a fun, safe environment in which children are taught the truth of God’s Word, and to direct their need for the Savior, Jesus Christ.
LKC meets on Thursday nights (see church calendar) from 6:30pm-8:00pm at the church. Children enjoy a time of musical worship, Scripture-based & God-centered lesson, snacks, small groups, and games. Depending on the number of children, preschool and elementary school aged children are divided to better meet the needs of the different age groups.

Mommy & Me
Mommy and me is a structured play/learning time for your 0–4 year old children. Mothers and their children participate in a singing time where hymns are learned and sung; a Bible time where the past Sunday school’s lesson is reviewed for the older Fireflies and the Sparklers groups; an academic time where basic letters, numbers, and shapes are gone over; and a craft time. There is also a nursery group that participates in free play for infants 0-18months. There is a registration fee per family per school year to cover the cost of supplies and outings. It is organized and taught by the mothers at LBC and open to any mom who is a regular attender/member and is interested in participating with her child.