Sparklers Bible Overview

God’s People Under God’s Rule and Blessing

God’s People

God’s Rule

God’s Blessing

God’s Garden

Adam & Eve

The work  & prohibition

God’s provision, perfect relationship

God’s Promise

Abraham and his descendants

Trust and obey God’s promise

Make a great nation and bless all nations through him

God’s Nation

The nation Israel

Mosaic Law

God provided in the desert and drove nations out before them

God’s Kings

The nation Israel

Mosaic Law and rule of the kings

Great prosperity under David & Solomon

God’s Punishment & Prophets

Believing remnant of Israel

God’s rule rejected

Prophets give God’s promise of future obedience and blessing

God’s Son

Jesus Christ

The Old Covenant fulfilled, the New Covenant established

Rest, fulfillment of promise

God’s Church

Jew & Gentile Believers

The New Covenant written on hearts

The Holy Spirit, a close relationship with God

God’s Kingdom

Old and New Testament Saints

The throne of Christ

All promises and blessings perfected


God's Garden - by Elisabeth Ko

God’s Garden – God created the entire universe; the earth, skies, planets, and people.  He put them in a garden where he cared for them.  God also gave them a job to do (Gen 1:28), and a commandment (Gen. 2:16-17).  Adam and Eve disobeyed God and were cast out of the garden, but God promised that this would not last forever (Gen. 3).  God would send His Son to crush Satan and sin’s power (Gen. 3:15).  Adam and Eve’s children continued to disobey God.

God's Promise - by Elisabeth Ko

God’s Promise – God called a man named Abram out of idolatry (Gen. 12, Josh. 24:2-3) and promised him that He would make him the father of a great nation and all the nations would be blessed because of him (Gen 12 & 15).

God's Nation - by Elisabeth Ko

God’s Nation – After 400 years God’s promise of a nation began to take shape.  God called Abraham’s descendants out of Egypt, gave them His commands, and promises to be their God and make them His people if they obey him (Ex. 19, Lev 26, Deut. 11).  God proved faithful in spite of their unfaithfulness.

God's Kings - by Elisabeth Ko

God’s Kings – God established His Kings as representatives over His people.  He promised David that one day one of his sons will rule on David’s throne forever (2 Sam. 7).  However, Solomon turns his heart away from God (1 King 11).

God's Prophets and Punishment - by Elisabeth Ko

God’s Punishment & Prophets – Because the people had turned their hearts away from God, He punished them (by splitting the kingdom, then sending Judah to exile).  God did not forget His people, He sent prophets to tell the people to turn back to God so they could receive His blessing again.  They also told about God’s promise to send a savior.

God's Son - by Elisabeth Ko

God’s Son – Just as God has promised, He sent a savior to crush sin’s power.  That savior was His son, Jesus, who is both God and man.  Jesus showed that he was God through signs and miracles and teaching God’s word.  Jesus perfectly obeyed God, died, and rose again defeating sin’s power for those who believe in Him.

Gods Church - by Elisabeth Ko

God’s Church – Jesus went to sit at God’s right hand, but He sent the Holy Spirit to be with His people, those who trust in Him.  God’s Word spread to people all over the world including us.

God's Kingdom - by Elisabeth Ko

God’s Kingdom – After God is done gathering all His people in His church, Jesus will come again to reign on David’s throne forever, just like God promised.  God will take all His people to live with Him in heaven under His perfect rule, where they will experience His prefect blessing.

Images by Elisabeth Ko