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Order Form for MacArthur's Systematic Theology

Hello Church Family!
It's going to be a great week at Shepherds' Conference ( )! Be sure to live stream it!
I will be setting up an order for John MacArthur's new systematic theology (Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Bible Truth) at Shepherds' Conference.
If you're interested in submitting an order, ...
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April Women's retreat - new lodging option

Dear LBC Ladies,
A new lodging opportunity from the RGC retreat coordinator:
We were able to add additional motel-style rooms to our reservation, so we now have 6 rooms for you guys to use. The cost is $250 per person, which I know is quite a bit steeper, but it does have private bath and shower. We have the Spruce lodges reserved (http://www.pccc.or...
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Care Month: Sunday Movie Night

We hope everyone has had a great week thus far, and have benefited as well as taken part in Care Month! We are excited for this upcoming Sunday (along with Sunday service), as we will be showing the movie "Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea" at church at 4pm. Snacks will be provided! Come and enjoy this movie with the church family!
Cesar and Andrea Vigil-Ru...
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LBCSD SPARK! - February 22, 2017

Dear LBCSD family and friends!
I hope you are doing well and walking in the Lord! Please eat well, get plenty of rest, and wash your hands! Lots of people have been coming down with all sorts of bugs. Hopefully you can all stay healthy and avoid sickness!
This past weekend, the college students enjoyed a wonderful weekend together at Pine Valley Bible Conferenc...
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New notes re: Women's CIA & retreat - Please read!

Dear LBC Ladies,
There is some updated information regarding the joint Women's retreat with RGC Church, including a change in cost information, so please read below carefully. For those of you who've emailed me already, I will be emailing you some required forms for the retreat that must be submitted to RGC church before March 18th. For those...
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RSVP reminder for Women's Ministry Events (2/25 & retreat)

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LBCSD SPARK! - February 7, 2017

Dear LBCSD family and friends,
I hope you are doing well and walking in the Lord! Hopefully your week is off to a great start. Of course we want your days to be smooth and without unexpected difficulties or unpleasant experiences, but more than that we want your hearts to be in tune with the Lord's. In what ways have you been seeking to love Him with all your he...
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Women's Ministry Events (2/25 & retreat)

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Care Month Announcements

Hi church family,
Just a friendly reminder that last day to sign up for Care Groups is Saturday, February 4th. Don't miss this opportunity to meet and fellowship with others from various affinity groups!
Sign up through this Google form: ( )
Shelby and Lan from the Ca...
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Meal Ministry for the Lim Family

Dear LBC Family,
Praise God for the safe delivery of Kailey Hanee to the Lim family on Sunday, January 22nd at 4:23 p.m.! Kailey is happy to join her two older sisters, Elise and Lena, her parents James and Hanna, and of course, the LBCSD family too! Would you please consider serving this family with a well rounded meal as they adjust to being a family of five?...
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