Affinity Groups

“Affinity” is inherent likeness or connection; at Lighthouse we have tried to better minster to people by connecting them with others who have similar needs and who are dealing with similar issues.  Since people in the same life stage usually deal with similar issues, this is how we match everyone.  There are four main groups at LBC: people with families, single adults, undergraduate students and youth.  These affinity groups have both large and small group meetings.  The large group meetings are usually where the Bible is taught with the specific issues of each life stage stage in mind.  There are also many casual large group meetings and activities as well, all intended to allow church members and attenders to get to know people they might not get a chance to know on Sundays.  The small group time is geared toward application,  accountability and prayer; seeking to put into practice what we are learning on Sunday and in the large group meetings.   These meetings take different forms depending on the needs of each group.  Each group also periodically has retreats and activities for further spiritual growth and just some fun together.  Below is a brief description of each group, you can find more information by clicking on the links for each group.


The Children’s Ministry at LBC is no different from any other ministry at church it its purposes and goals. We exist to fulfill the church’s Mission, Vision, and Passion (MVP) to children of elementary school age and younger. Functionally, we partner with the parents at LBC to teach Biblically-sound curricula Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, which also allows the parents to worship God freely without worrying about their children. As a ministry, our hearts seek to echo Asaph’s words in Psalm 78, to pass on the glory and greatness of the Lord to the next generation, that “they should set their hope in God.” (Psalm 78:7a)


The youth ministry of Lighthouse Bible Church, ranging from 6th grade to 12th grade, is known as “Lumos.” We exists to exalt God in the lives of youth adults in the San Diego community. This is specifically carried out through preaching the gospel and teaching by the examples of older godly men and women. Thus, all that takes place in Lumos flows to equip and build up the youth who have already trusted in Christ as their Lord and Savior or into evangelizing to the youth who have not. We meet during the week, for a Bible study. The messages typically last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. After the message, small groups – divided up by gender and age group – take place. Lumos also meets on Sunday morning during Sunday school hour.

College Life

College Life is the college ministry of Lighthouse Bible Church. Our goal is to see our students passionate for God and His Word. We seek to help them in their spiritual growth to nurture a closer, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.    The college ministry takes different forms each school year, but it too revolves around a large group meeting as well as small groups meeting for accountability.

Single Life

The singles ministry, which goes by Single Life, represents the spectrum of adults who are not in undergrad school and are not married.   It is a challenging period for many who are uncertain as to where the future will lead but this time is ripe for cultivating the heart toward spiritual growth.  The large group teaching meetings take place on during the week, where the pastor leads the group in a Bible study; sometimes topical, sometimes through a particular text.  The mid week studies are also opportunities for the singles to just hang out together as we have a time after Bible study for various games, refreshments and conversation.  The small groups meet a different times throughout the week to provide a more intimate time for counseling, sharing and study.

Grace Life

Grace Life is the family ministry at LBC, specifically for married couples and singles parents at Lighthouse.  Since the beginning of Lighthouse Bible Church, we have known that there needed to be a great investment made in this group as it would provide much of the stability that the church needed to grow. As you can imagine, this group covers a wide range of ages and situations.  Throughout the years, GraceLife has undergone several structural changes as the leaders sought to best minister to this range of people. Though it has taken different forms the focus has always been on furthering our understanding of what is taught on Sundays, and providing accountability and encouragement for the practical outworking of the principles from the Sunday messages, all for the purpose of building God honoring families.