The Grace Life Family Ministry is specifically for the married couples and parents at Lighthouse Bible Church. Currently, we meet weekly on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM (concurrently with Kids’ Club) in Room 107. Meeting during the week helps ensure that this time of fellowship does not conflict with the other Adult Sunday School classes offered. Since Kids’ Club meets at the same time, members of Grace Life can enjoy fellowship and worship together without having to worry about their children.

As we work through our study each week, Bible study sheets will be assigned. They can be found either in the classroom on Sundays or online at the Grace Life website. We will walk through the Bible study together as a group, and reflection questions can be taken home for those who would like to think through the lessons more at home. Though they are not necessarily assigned, everyone is encouraged to work through the reflection questions because they help to remind us of that week’s study and can facilitate spiritual discussion over God’s Word in the home.

Grace Life serves as a great place to be reminded to think God’s thoughts and consider God’s ways during midweek when the busyness of parenting, work, hobbies, etc. can drown out our spiritual priorities. As it is the primary place of providing accountability in the church for our married couples and parents, we highly encourage all to come out.

If you would like more information on meeting times and other events feel free to email us at gracelife@lighthousebc.com.