Marriage Check Up

How many couples have walked through premarital counseling only to find out after their wedding that many of their answers to the counseling questions have changed? Perhaps you thought you were a very patient person as a single adult only to discover the many ways that the marriage relationship tests your patience. Chances are you are learning more and more how much hard work it takes to truly love someone. If you could use some help fortifying your marriage and paving a smoother road to have a God-honoring marriage relationship, we encourage you to join us for this study.

This year for Grace Life our goal is to assess the health and strength of your marriage! If you feel like your marriage is at a good place right now, praise God! But most likely, you will identify at least some areas in need of some fine tuning and adjustment. Perhaps you even recognize that your marriage requires some major work! Regardless of where your marriage is, this year’s study in Grace Life is sure to be an encouraging help.

We will be walking through the workbook by Wayne Mack, Preparing for Marriage God’s Way. Yes, this is a premarital counseling workbook that is meant to be completed before your wedding day. But it also serves as a helpful tool to evaluate your marriage post-wedding and to serve as a reminder of the principles to which you should be committed. Not only will this study help strengthen your own marriage, but it will also equip you to help other couples who are in need of help. The overarching theme behind the study will be to get our thinking in line with the Lord’s, to think God’s thoughts after Him.

With each week’s study, each individual is asked to complete the assigned chapter on their own. Then, with your spouse, you are to get together to discuss your answers. When we come together for Bible study, we will review the lesson as a whole and walk through some of your answers as a group.

If you need to get a copy of the workbook, please contact Pastor Patrick. The books are $10 each. Each individual should have a copy of their own to work through. If this presents a financial hardship, please let Pastor Patrick know. Below you can find the schedule for the year.

October 2 – Introduction and Orientation; LKC
October 9 – Lesson 1: Congratulations!; LKC
October 16 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Flocks); No LKC
October 23 – NO BIBLE STUDY (All-Church Retreat); No LKC
October 30 – Lesson 2: Going Deeper; LKC

November 6 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Break); LKC
November 13 – Lesson 3: Real Love; LKC
November 20 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Flocks); No LKC
November 27 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Thanksgiving); No LKC

December 4 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Living Trust Seminar); LKC
December 11 – Grace Life Christmas Party; LKC
December 18 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Break); LKC
December 25 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Christmas); No LKC

January 1 – NO BIBLE STUDY (New Years); No LKC
January 8 – Lesson 4: God’s Blueprint for Marriage; LKC
January 15 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Break); LKC
January 22 – Lesson 5: Your Most Important Relationship; LKC
January 29 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Flocks); No LKC

February 5 – Lesson 6: Communicating – Part 1; LKC
February 12 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Break); LKC
February 19 – Lesson 7: Communicating – Part 2; LKC
February 26 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Flocks); No LKC

March 5 –┬áLesson 8: Resolving Conflicts; LKC
March 12 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Break); LKC
March 19 – Lesson 9: Being a Husband; LKC
March 26 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Flocks); No LKC

April 2 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Break); LKC
April 9 – Lesson 10: Being a Wife; LKC
April 16 – Lesson 11: Family Finances; LKC
April 23 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Flocks); No LKC
April 30 – Lesson 12: Sex as God Intended; LKC

May 7 – NO BIBLE STUDY (Break); LKC
May 14 – Lesson 13: “Six Month Check-Up”; LKC
May 21 – Grace Life Fellowship and Dinner