Weekly Links (6/2/2017)

by Stephen Rodgers

Happy Friday folks! Since it’s the first Friday of the month, that means that you get an article from me regarding free stuff! This is going to be a short list, but there’s some very good stuff.

  • The New Testament by God (free audio book) – The free resource from christianaudio.com this month is the KJV translation of the Bible (New Testament only). Apparently this was recorded specifically with listening in mind, so if you like to have a rotation of audio Bibles, this is worth checking out.
  • Salvation Belongs to the Lord: An Introduction to Systematic Theology by John M. Frame (free logos resource) – This is John Frame’s prolegamena (introduction to systematic theology) and just like nearly everything Frame writes, is pretty great. I’ve got the dead tree version of this on my shelf, and it’s absolutely worth picking up.
  • The Beatitudes (July 2017 Tabletalk) – I’ve sung the praises of Tabletalk magazine before, and I’m not about to stop now. It’s a really fine resource, and if you haven’t become familiar with it yet, now would be a great time.

That’s it! Short and sweet…but as you can see, I wasn’t kidding about the quality. Enjoy!