Weekly Links (12/5/2017)

by Stephen Rodgers

I know what you’re thinking: a Weekly Links articles but it’s not a Friday? This place has totally lost the plot since Richard moved to Orange County!

Well, in this case, even Richard couldn’t have prevented the awkward timing of December’s first Friday being so close to the beginning of the month that resources weren’t even out yet. But they’re out now, so buckle up and hang on…

  • Why the Reformation Still Matters (free audiobook) – This month’s free offerring from christianaudio.com is actually pretty great. Reeves and Chester do a fantastic job of tracing the applications of church history down through the centuries to our current day. This is definitely recommended.
  • Psalms, Vol. 1: Psalms 1–41 (free Logos resource) – Boice is a great commentator, and the Psalms aren’t too shabby either. If you’re a Logos user, grab it. Don’t even think twice.
  • The Temple (free Tabletalk magazine) – I always recommend Tabletalk, and this month is no exception.
  • Themelios 42.3 (free journal) – You may want to peruse the TOC and the list of book reviews for articles that interest you, but this journal is still my go-to resource for DA Carson editorials. Don’t miss one of those.
  • Crucial Questions (28 free ebooks) – While we wouldn’t agree with RC Sproul about every particular of theology, these 28 free books are an amazing resource for just about anyone. And they’re free in every conceivable format (EPUB, Kindle, iBooks, etc.) Some are also available in Spanish!

Well there you go. That’s a pretty great haul in time for Christmas, so enjoy!

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